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Should Christians have the Covid Vaccine?

Seventy Digital, January 29 2021

In recent months I have received e-mails and Facebook comments from various sources suggesting that Christians should not receive the Covid-19 Vaccine.  I have also had concerned individuals contacting me to ask my thoughts on the topic. I chose not to jump to any conclusions but to consider each of the reasons before giving a response and making m...

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Our Covid Story (so far)

Seventy Digital, August 11 2020

When The Open Door Christian Fellowship (TODCF) formed in early 2016, we had two key aims: ·       to recognize the Church as a family – a family in which we share with, care for and lovingly disciple one-another under the headship of One Father ·       that a passionate desire to make Christ known and further His Kingdom should underpin everything...

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Seventy Digital, September 21 2018

Why we recommend “Light Parties” to our families instead of celebrating Halloween Love it or loathe it, you can’t escape it. Halloween is firmly established in our calendar with shops and media referring to “halloweekend” and even “halloweek”. As a Church, we try to discourage families from celebrating halloween and from “trick-or-treating” in the...

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Human Failings

Seventy Digital, May 4 2018

Biblical reflections on recent news stories Watching the news in recent months (years), there seems to have been a running theme of well-known people falling from grace. It began with the Jimmy Savile scandal and the accusations against many 1970s stars that followed. The pressure in America to remove Civil War statues led some in the UK to questio...

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